July – August 2017

Pride in Our Community

Your Chance to Contribute

Believe it or not, it is already time to start considering if you would like to contribute to the betterment of Three Fountains by running for a Board position. There are currently two positions being held by “interim” members whose terms will expire this year. This is your chance to contribute to Three Fountains as a volunteer. There are certain responsibilities and commitments required by Board Members that include attending monthly meetings, making informed decisions on various issues and keeping the interests of Three Fountains before your own. That aside, being a Board member can be an informative and satisfying experience. If you would like to ‘throw your hat in the ring’ please contact Chris at the office. He will put you in touch with the nominating committee (yet to be named). If you would like to contribute on a committee, there are always openings for committee members. Just contact a Board member and let them know.

Our Condolences

Kari (Karolyn) Mullins passed away suddenly on June 7th. Kari and her family have lived at Three Fountains for several years on lane nine. The family wishes donations be made, in lieu of flowers, to The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. www.themiamiproject.org.

Thank You for the Fountain Lights

The homeowners living around the large fountain between lanes 7 & 8 wish a heartfelt thank you to Toby Bargas, Three Fountains Maintenance Supervisor, for relighting the fountain. Toby was able to replace the solar powered and insufficient lights by refurbishing an underwater light fixture that had been thought to not be repairable. Thanks Toby.

Light Bulbs, Who’s are They?

A question that comes up occasionally is “whose responsibility is it to replace the light bulbs on the property?”. The answer is… “it depends”. The fence lights, exterior garage lights, breezeway lights, walkway lights, light pole lights and stair landing lights are the responsibility of the HOA, with a however in there. If a homeowner adds or replaces a light (with permission of course) it is the homeowner’s responsibility to change the bulbs in those fixtures. The basic rule of thumb is that if you (the homeowner) can turn the light on and off, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to replace the bulb.

“A Letter from the President” - Jeff Rickard

I have decided to start a new section in the newsletter that highlights some of the issues that the board has been approached with in the previous month. We field several different concerns as well as many suggestions from homeowners every month and many require us to do further research with our attorneys, engineers, insurance agents, outside vendors, etc. and as we get answers only those who brought the issue to us or those who attend the monthly board meetings hear the response. So, to improve information flow I have decided on this vehicle in the newsletter.

Mud spots / bare grass – We have several areas in the community with dead spots or bare mud. Barbara Florey and the landscape committee have mapped out these areas and we have gone to our staff as well as Keesen, our turf management company, to begin a plan of repairing the grounds. Initially, we believed that inadequate sprinkler coverage could be the cause of several of these areas and in fact empowered Keesen to review, alter and repair heads and lines as they saw them during their visits. This process has begun and we hope that it will begin to improve certain areas soon, however the cost of some of these changes was more than we anticipated slowing the progress. Keesen also brought in a team and analyzed these spots and prepared a list of fixes for every spot we highlighted. The bid they gave us to repair all the areas was $53,695 so no small task! We have taken that bid and Barbara Florey, Chris Fox and landscape committee are now prioritizing and analyzing solutions.

Parking – we are trying to get a handle on how to better control the number of people who park in our visitor parking spaces as well as the size and type of vehicles and the length of time and how often guests can park. We have distributed a survey to all the residents to get their input before we start the process of updating and better defining our parking rules. After we determine our new policies we are contracting with a parking control company that will help us to enforce those rules – meaning tickets and towing. Our attorney did help us define something that was a concern for us which is overnight guests that spend several nights a week in our community. Legally they are commonly defined as “part time residents” and will be subject to the resident’s rules. At this very moment that means if you can’t fit it in the garage – park on the street.

Safety – Lock your doors and side garage doors!!! Be vigilant and understand that lately we are experiencing several break ins. Chris Fox has alerted the police.

We have many more things to report but will wait until next month since I have already exceeded my space. Thank you for your support and please try and attend our monthly meetings. We are trying to make them faster and more information packed.


You can still be included in e-mail communications and text messages for emergencies. Just e-mail your name, unit number, and cell phone number to Chris with the subject line of “all in”. Chris’ e-mail is threefountains1@qwestoffice.net. If you are already on the e-mail and texting lists please don’t send again.

Common Areas Belong to All (not just you)

Some questions have been asked about what can and cannot be modified by homeowners in common areas. As most Three Fountains homeowners already know, the common areas are everything except the front porches and patios within the fenced area behind most homes. Everything else is common area and is owned by all of you. That’s right, every owner has an undivided interest of 1/212th ownership in everything except the aforementioned patios and porches. That also means that permission must be granted by the Board of Managers before you can make any changes to the landscaping. In March of 2014 the Board passed a resolution regarding common areas. This resolution helped clarify what was common area and what steps need to be taken to request permission to modify the landscape. Some key points are listed here:

“Gardens of any type in common areas are permitted only as approved by the HOA Board of Managers through project proposals. Homeowners must submit a request to the HOA Board of Managers to have existing shrub or greenery removed or replaced. These elements are property of the HOA. Any Owner desiring to modify or alter the existing common area or green space must submit a project proposal to the HOA Board of Managers, with visual diagrams of the completed project, materials involved, cost, and the care and maintenance required. All existing flower gardens, rock beds, and ground cover will be grandfathered into this agreement and will remain in the common area. Any modifications to the common area after this date must be submitted in a project proposal to the Board of Managers for approval. Anyone who modifies or encroaches into the common area without approval will be notified and asked to restore the area as it was originally. Should this request be ignored, the area will be restored by the Three Fountains Maintenance staff and the owner will be billed to pay for the restoration”.

Please respect the property that is owned by all and follow the resolution when/if you want to change any of the landscaping.

Similar Rule.. but for the Buildings Too

With the recent rise in crime at Three Fountains, you may wish to install some motion sensor lighting or perhaps some cameras around your home. Who could blame you? However, the buildings also belong to all the owners, not just you. The purpose of condominiums with an HOA, (legally it’s Three Fountains Condominium) is to have someone else, the association, take care of the exterior of the buildings. To be able to effectively and efficiently maintain the buildings, a lot of the surfaces, fixtures and grounds, need to remain standardized. That is why permission needs to be obtained for making changes to anything other than the interiors of your homes. Architectural forms are available on the Three Fountains website at www.threefountainshoa.com or at the office. Please apply for permission prior to making any changes to the buildings or grounds.


There have been complaints about the smell of trash burning in the evenings. Please remember that other than fire places and barbeques, burning anything with open flames is not allowed at Three Fountains.

Members of the Board

Your board members and their terms:

Jeff Rickard President 2018
Barbara Florey Vice President (interim) 2017
Kathy Mehlmann Treasurer 2019
Barbara Griswold Secretary 2019
Cassandra Rocha Member at Large (interim) 2017

Board of Managers Meetings

July 25 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
August 22 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
September 26 …Regular meeting/note time change….. 4:00PM
September 26 …….Annual Members Meeting……... 7:00PM
October 24 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
November 28 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM