March – April 2016

Pride in Our Community

Semi-Annual Meeting is March 22, 2016

Your participation is needed and greatly valued. The Semi-Annual Homeowners Members meeting is set for Tuesday March 22nd in the clubhouse. If you recall, last year’s meeting wasn’t really a meeting because there weren’t enough homeowners attending or by proxy to establish a quorum. The “non-meeting” went on for for those that did attend, but the minutes from the previous year’s annual meeting could not be approved. The governing documents indicate that no official business of the corporation can official business of the corporation can be conducted when a quorum hasn’t been established through a combination of proxies and attendees. There were also no minutes taken because the meeting wasn’t an official one. We would like to really encourage everyone that is able to attend to do so, but if you are going to be away or you just can’t get to the clubhouse, please send in your proxy. You may also have a neighbor, who is attending, bring your proxy for you. If that doesn’t work for you, call the office at 303-756-1470 and we can even pick up your proxy.

Concern for the Concerned

With the inability to have enough people attending the semiannual meeting in 2015 to establish a quorum, there is concern that homeowners have begun to lose interest in the community. The demographics of the owners is changing somewhat as the homes are sold. That should not keep anyone from being active in the community. Looking back at some older meeting minutes from years past, we see names of individuals who held positions as committee chairs, committee and Board members. Many of those names are those of homeowners that still live here at Three Fountains. They are the names of people who became involved and have made this community what it is today. Those individuals that have contributed in the past, stepped down so that some new, different people could help bring new ideas and differing opinions to the community. Lately the attendance at the regular monthly Board meetings has only reached 7-15 attendees on average. Several times each month we receive calls about something that was discussed at a recent Board meeting. We know that homeowners are concerned about what the community is doing and where it is headed. We have concerns that people feel they are just too busy, or think their ideas are too silly to contribute. Three Fountains is a community that is governed by volunteers from within the community. Please, if you would like to get involved in your community, contact a Board member or our property manager who will put you in touch with a Board or committee member. Step up, volunteer and BE part of your community.

Solution Ideas Wanted

Three Fountains is asking residents for ideas on how to better manage the parking issues on the property. Most home owners and renters follow the rules regarding parking while others don’t. It could be that newer residents here haven’t read or been told of the restrictions. Repeated mention of parking in the newsletter and flyers helps some but the problem persists. That is why we are looking for legitimate and constructive ideas. If you have some ideas about how to fix the problem, you may contact Barbara Florey at 303-525-3385. Please call Barbara with ideas even if you think they might be silly or impossible. You never know, a silly idea could be the beginnings of a solution to a problem. But please don’t call just to complain. Barbara will be taking your ideas and will report back to the Board for discussion.

Water Line Insurance Not Needed

It seems that every year (at least once) we receive a notification that we are not covered by water line insurance. Unit owners don’t need to be insured against water line breaks. The Home Owners Association is responsible for the underground water lines (Common Elements) until they emerge in your crawlspace or basement where they become (Limited Common Elements). Your H06 insurance policy should cover the lines from that point on including the shut-off valve and any other piping in your unit.


“The “limited common elements” are defined as those common elements reserved for exclusive use by the owner of a condominium unit, including porches, attics, patios, and the air space between the interior and the exterior wall of each unit and the utility components located therein.”

Update: Rat Issue

The good news is that we haven’t seen any live rats for some time. The bad news is that we occasionally find an expired one on the grounds. We also had a burrowing issue at one home and eventually had to fill the holes with concrete. We had ordered another bait station to the area, but it hadn’t been installed by then. We are asking that all residents and homeowners continue to not feed the birds, squirrels and rabbits. Not leaving food out for your pet or a stray animal is another way to keep the pests away. We have an ongoing program with Terminex for preventing the issue and it must be working for the most part. Our Property Management and Maintenance staff are only getting an occasional call to deal with an expired rodent. The bait stations being used by Terminex are safe for most of the other animal population here at Three Fountains. Only animals that can get in through the entrance holes can get to the ‘bait’. No worrying about pets such as dogs or cats is necessary.


We will be replacing more roofs this spring & summer. The roofs being replaced will likely be scattered all over Three Fountains again this year. A roof condition review was completed in March of 2015 by the engineering firm Wiss, Janney, Elstner and Associates. Based on this report, as well as reported roof leaks and our staff walking the roofs to check for serious problems, a list is generated of the roofs most needing replacement. We then obtain bids from several roofing contractors and those proposals are reviewed by the Property Manager, Maintenance Supervisor and the Board of Managers. There is only so much reserve money available each year to complete the reroofs so if pricing comes back too high, a building or two may be eliminated from the ‘lower priority’ end of the list.

There were a couple of hiccups last year that will be ironed out from now on, we hope. One of the crews was a bit lax in their cleanup of the lanes and a couple of homeowners ended up with flat tires because of it. The contractor, M&R Roofing, made everything right almost as soon as they found out about it. We have used M&R Roofing for many years now and are pleased with their work and their customer service. They’re not always the least expensive, (they are not the most expensive either), but we know their work is consistently excellent and their crews are always respectful of the Homeowners. As usual, please accept our thank you in advance for being patient as the dust and dirt and noise and all the commotion of a project like this brings. You all have always been fantastic.

Is Your Emergency Contact Information Up to Date?

When there is an emergency, such as, having to turn off the water to the entire property, our Board of Managers works as a calling tree to let everyone know. This is done through a confidential emergency contacts list generated by the property manager and given to Board members only. If a neighbor reports water pouring out of your house while you are on vacation, wouldn’t you want to have someone with a key nearby that can let the maintenance department in to shut off the water? You can clip out this ‘Emergency Call Card’, fill it out and bring or mail to the office. Your information will be updated with any new information and will be kept confidential.

Members of the Board

Your board members and their terms:
Abby Marsh President 2016
Jan Hiatt Vice President 2017
Jeff Rickard Treasurer 2018
Kevin Haight Secretary 2017
Kathy Mehlmann Board Member at Large 2016

Board of Managers Meetings

March 22 ………..….Regular Meeting…….……… 4:00PM
March 22 …..Semi-Annual Member Meeting…….. 7:00PM
April 26 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM
May 24 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM
June 28 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM
July 26 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM