May – June 2017

Pride in Our Community


An issue of ice control came up at the semi-annual members meeting in March. Someone was concerned that we don’t do enough to control the ice on the lanes. Our crews first order of business each day when ice is present is to put down ice melt in all areas of the property where people walk. There are inherent problems with drainage from the buildings that contribute to the ice problems. Snow melting from the roofs comes out of the downspouts and runs to either the middle of the lane to a storm drain or directly to the street gutters. This water then refreezes at night into virtually black ice from the end of the downspout to the middle of the lanes. As the day warms up, the ice starts to melt again and rinses the ice melt away. The melted snow refreezes after the crew has left for the day and becomes the black ice again and the process is repeated the next day. This is where homeowners come in. We must all be vigilant about paying attention to where we walk and have the presence of mind to think that, if it is cold enough to freeze, there is likely going to be ice around underfoot. Please be cautious when walking anywhere when ice could be present. If you have guests, please make them aware of the potential for ice. Be careful, but, also be responsible for your own actions. If walking on ice is avoidable, please avoid it.

Thank You So Much

Donna Dillenback, a longtime resident of Three Fountains, recently had to say goodbye to her kitty ‘Karmal’. Donna and Karmal had been each other’s buddies for about 14 years, ever since Karmal showed up as a stray in 2003. “I would like to thank my friends and neighbors for the calls, visits and cards to help in consoling me because I had to say goodbye to my beautiful kitty, Karmal Kat.” Donna


The Board of Managers is considering ways of improving the parking situation by reviewing and potentially modifying the rules. Parking has become an issue because more and more people are parking their vehicles in visitor spots instead of in the garage or off the property as the Three Fountains rules and regulations indicate. Watch for enforcement of the parking rules to begin in the next few months.

Pools Opening

The swimming pools are scheduled to open on Saturday May 27th. Due to the problems with algae in previous years we plan to shut both pools down at least twice this season. The pools will be closed to swimmers (sun bathing is still ok) June 26-27 (just in time for the July 4th holiday period) and then again August 15-16 to perform super chlorination. This makes the pools unsafe to swim in, due to the high level of chlorine that kills any algae that might be present and sanitizes the water and equipment to hopefully keep algae from growing in our pools. More work is being done this season to prepare the pools to avoid algae. The crew, headed up by Toby Bargas (who is a Certified Pool Operator) will be opening the sand filters and using chemicals to clean them that are specifically designed for that purpose. We hope to keep the pools open for a couple of weeks past Labor Day weekend if the weather permits. Think back to the Olympics last summer. The Olympic practice pool and one of the diving pools were hit with algae during the event. The Olympic pool people are likely the best in the world and even they couldn’t keep algae out of the pools. We hope to keep it out of ours this summer by being vigilant with the super chlorination. Please have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Let's Celebrate Summer with Brunch!

Mark June 24 on your calendar for a Summer Brunch Celebration (11:00 am–1:30 pm) at the Clubhouse! Brunch will be catered by Eddie Merlot’s and will include a variety of wonderful options. Look for a flyer with more information at the distribution of Pool Passes and through a separate email. Please be sure to RSVP – we hope to have a great turnout! Questions: call Jill Wisehart 303-504-4423 or email

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes are allowed at Three Fountains. Architectural Request approval is required prior to installation. The satellite television providers have recently established their own rules regarding accessing roofs for installation. Our documents indicate that they are to go on or near the chimney. Of course, that is problematic with their new rules so, if you are going to have a satellite dish installed, please contact Chris for placement prior to ordering it. We still want them to be as out of sight as possible and the Board of Managers has given Chris the authority to approve locations. Satellite dishes are NOT allowed on fences.

Roofing Work

By the time you are reading this, the roofing project may have already begun for this year. We are reroofing 5 buildings that add up to 22 homes in 2017. The plan is to start May 1st if the weather permits. The roofers take about one week per building, when there are four units to a building. One of the buildings has six units and will likely take 2-3 days longer to complete. New gutters and downspouts are also part of the project. We reroofed 5 buildings in 2015, 6 buildings in 2016 and with the five we’re doing this year, that brings the total of homeowners that have gotten the shake roofs replaced to 67. After this year, there will be 21 buildings with sloped roofs (91 homes) and eight buildings with mansards (32 homes) left to complete. The mansard buildings have flat roofs that were replaced several years ago. The mansard part of those buildings are not over living space. These building will be the last ones to be completed.

Watch Out for…..Everyone

Summer vacation for the neighborhood school children is almost here. We all need to watch out for them as well as everything and everyone else. Homeowners and others from surrounding communities walk our sidewalks and lanes. Backing out of our garages can be a challenge if there are cars, bicycles, pedestrians and others passing by. Use your eyes and ears to look and listen for anything coming. It is also never a good idea to speed through Three Fountains. One person, driving too fast, recently lost control long enough to hit another person’s garage door. No one was injured but it can show you just how fast things can happen. Please use extreme caution while backing out and driving through Three Fountains.

Trash & Recycle Containers

Everyone at Three Fountains should have received their new trash bins from the City and County of Denver. Trash is picked up on Wednesdays unless Monday or Tuesday are city observed holidays. Then trash pickup day is delayed by one day. Remember that when putting out your trash and/or recycling bins, to leave at least two feet of clearance in all directions. Don’t put trash on top of your bin. The recycling containers (purple bins) are still to be used for that purpose. For more information about trash collection, please visit


You can still be included in e-mail communications and text messages for emergencies. Just email your name, unit number, and cell phone number to Chris. Chris’ e-mail is

Members of the Board

Your board members and their terms:
Jeff Rickard President 2018
Barbara Florey Vice President (interim) 2017
Kathy Mehlmann Treasurer 2019
Barbara Griswold Secretary 2019
Cassandra Rocha Member at Large (interim) 2017

Board of Managers Meetings

May 23 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
June 27 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
July 25 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
August 22 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
September 26 …………Regular meeting …………… 4:00PM
September 26 …….Annual Members Meeting……... 7:00PM