November – December 2017

Pride in Our Community

Backflow Preventers Required of HOA

Three Fountains has three water meters that feed the property and all are required to have backflow preventers. These backflow preventers are required by the Denver Water Department (DWD) and are designed to stop water from flowing backwards into the water departments lines in the event of a pressure loss from DWD. Say the pressure is 60 pounds entering from DWD and a line is broken somewhere before it gets to Three Fountains. That leads to the pressure being reduced in the DWD lines. . Meanwhile the Three Fountains water lines have that 60 pounds of pressure that will try and equalize back into the DWD lines, potentially polluting it. The backflow preventers will stop that flow back into the DWD lines. This would also prevent ne'er-do-wells from purposely contaminating the DWD’ water systems from within the Three Fountains Property. This is a large expense that was not budgeted. Careful monitoring of the financial position by the Board and Finance Committee has led to this expense being absorbed without the need for any “special assessment” to be imposed on the owners. You will see contractors digging up the lines, adding concrete pads and housings for these devices. There is also electrical work to be performed. Some of this will be done by contractors and some by our crew. You can also expect announced water outages as the project goes along.

One More Roof

Another roof will be replaced yet in 2017. The roofs on the building that consist of addresses of 6943, 6945, 6947 and 6949 are scheduled to begin the third week in November, (weather permitting). This roof is being done because of a leak. The Board decided to go ahead and replace the roof now instead of repairing the leak only to have the repairs and all the rest torn off next year to replace it then. Again, careful monitoring of the financial position by the Board and Finance Committee has made it possible to get this roof replaced. That’s one more towards completion of the project. Woo-Hoo!!

Three Fountains Holiday Open House

Sunday December 10, 2017 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Three Fountains Clubhouse
Please bring your favorite food and drink to share.
Paper products, cups, and flatware will be provided.
If you want to help or if you have questions, please contact Martha Blanton at or 512 773 7219.

Letter from the President

This month I would like to address the 2018 budget. If any of you come to our board meetings or finance committee meetings you may have heard me say that we are a 50-year-old community with 50 lines of expenses. The reality is we have 69 lines of expenses and for the most part those lines have been the same since we began as a community. Now many of those lines have increased dramatically in that amount of time but really where we allocate spending has been relatively constant. So, in this year’s budget our expenses have increased $37,000 over last year and can really be attributed to 4 lines of the 69. Increases $9000 in turf management, $10,000 in tree pruning/maintenance, $7000 in tree pest control and $11,000 in insurance premiums. So, you ask what is the board trying to focus on in 2018 and the response is to begin actively working on our trees. Trees in 3F are a huge asset to the community and have been badly neglected for some time. We feel that we cannot continue to ignore the issue and must start on a preservation program. The above analysis of the numbers is a very simplified look as many of the 67 lines have changed but some up – some down. We will be sending the new budget to all the homeowners with a very detailed explanation letter but wanted to just give everyone an idea of what’s to come. Also, still in the forefront of the boards thoughts are exercise equipment and mud spots.


It’s Getting Cold

We are just now getting into the really cold part of the year. December, January and February are typically the months when the temperature falls to below zero. If you have reconnected any hoses to the faucets outside, make sure they get disconnected, too. Each year our crew disconnects hoses from the faucets they can get to before the first freeze. Last year they went around a second time and hoses had been reconnected and left that way. Connected hoses to outside faucets can cause the faucets to freeze and burst. This happens inside your home either in a wall, a cabinet or in the crawlspace. It may be spring or summer before it is realized that these were frozen and much water damage can be done without you even being aware of it. These preventable problems cost everyone at Three Fountains.

If you are one of the snowbirds that spend the summer here and the cold months in warmer environs, please remember to keep the heat in your home (here) turned on. Keep it set high enough, 60-65 degrees, so it won’t get cold enough to freeze the water lines within the unit. It is good practice to have a friend or relative (or neighbor) check your home periodically throughout your absence just to make sure everything is OK.


You can still be included in e-mail communications and text messages for emergencies. Just e-mail your name, unit number, and cell phone number to Chris with the subject line of “all in”. Chris’ e-mail is If you are already on the e-mail and texting lists please don’t send again.

Clubhouse Reservations

Do you know how to reserve the clubhouse? The office has been receiving more and more calls from home owners to see if the clubhouse is available at a certain date and time. Toby and Chris get calls from homeowners asking to make a reservation for them. With the increase in the number of calls we thought it might be time to explain the procedure in the newsletter again. First off, it is each homeowners’ responsibility to make the reservation themselves. To do this you need to go to the community room in the clubhouse. The community room is the first door on the left as you enter from the south end, (last door on the right from the “pool” end). In there you will find a desk with a calendar, a notebook and some pens and pencils. First check the calendar for the date and time you want to have your event. If it is available, with a three-hour window of time between the one before yours (or if you are going in before another previously booked event, a three hour window after yours ends) and pencil your name and time of your event on the calendar. Next get a clubhouse reservation form from the box on the wall above the table. Fill out the reservation form and place in the notebook in the chronological place. Then get a map (also in a box on the wall) and make a map of how you want the room to be set-up. Then put your deposit check in the box on the wall. It will be kept (not cashed) until your event is over, and then sent back to you. Please put the date of your event on the check. Also, if you are going to not have the event, please remove it from the calendar and the notebook. There have also been some events that were not cancelled. The crew set up for the event and the event was never held. This wastes time the crew could be doing something more productive.

Time Change

The days are getting shorter (well the amount of daylight is anyway) and time will change from Mountain Daylight Time to Mountain Standard Time on November 5th. Be sure to move your clocks back one hour on that day. It is also a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide detectors.

Chimney Cleaning

If you burn wood in your fireplace and intend to enjoy it for that crackling cozy fire on cold or snowy days, you should probably have the chimney cleaned of creosote that builds up from burning wood. This should be done annually if you burn it regularly. A company used by a few Three Fountains residents has said if a group of owner/residents would like to have them come out to clean their chimneys at the same time, they would offer a discount. The company is; Mr. Kleen Chimney Sweeping at 720-498-4409. “Mr. Kleen” couldn’t be reached for details on any discount programs, however, we’ll keep trying. Three Fountains does not assume any liability for homeowners use of this vendor but merely provides the information as a courtesy to the owners of homes at Three Fountains.

Members of the Board

Your board members and their terms:

Jeff Rickard President 2018
Barbara Florey Vice President 2020
Kathy Mehlmann Treasurer 2019
Barbara Griswold Secretary 2019
Cassandra Rocha Member at Large 2020

Board of Managers Meetings

November 28 ..…Regular meeting note date change….... 6:00PM
December 19 ..…Regular meeting note date change….... 6:00PM
January 23 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
February 27 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
March 27 …………Regular meeting …………… 4:00PM
March 27 ……..….Semi Annual Meeting………..… 7:00PM