September – October 2016

Pride in Our Community

Annual Meeting

The Annual Members Meeting will be held on September 27th at 7:00 pm in the clubhouse. This is the meeting where home owners get to vote for Board Members. We have a field of five candidates, including one incumbent, at the time of this writing, all good choices and most if not all have experience in HOA management by previously serving on Boards or committees. When the agenda/proxy is received, a biography of each one will be included in the mailing. If you can’t attend the meeting, please fill out the proxy and return to Chris at the office.


Some homeowners have been asking about who to call in an emergency. Defining an emergency is important for when and who to call. First of all, if there is a life threatening situation, always call 911. If a building or a tree or a vehicle is on fire, also call 911. Nonlife threatening emergencies that involve illegal activity, such as trespassing, fireworks, fighting on the property or other emergencies of similar nature, you should also call the police. If there is damage to a building such as water running into or out of a unit, a tree or branch falling on a building, a water break that is flooding somewhere and similar situations, a call to the office is good. A burned out porch or fence light is NOT an emergency. A faucet dripping or a toilet running is NOT an emergency. If the incident is outside of the management office hours which are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, a call to the management company is in order. The management company’s phone number is 303-221-1117. You will be prompted to press a numbered key that is for emergencies. The management company will get your message and call you back. They will also call the on-call person from Three Fountains. Should you have a sewer back up after hours, please call Garvin’s Sewer Service at 303-571-5114. You will be required to pay for them to clear your line but if the clog is identified by Garvin’s to have been found more than five feet from the foundation on the outside, Three Fountains will reimburse you for the service, (up to $300.00). You should never let a sewer company ‘camera’ the sewer line unless you plan to pay for it yourself. Emergencies happen. We want you to be informed and prepared in the event one happens to you.


Would you like to receive the newsletter through your e-mail? Would you like to receive other notifications this way rather than through the mail? If you do, then please send an e-mail request to Chris at the office. He will add your e-mail to the growing list of home owners who receive communications via their e-mail. Your e-mail address will remain private and will not be shared with anyone. Chris’ e-mail is

Please Maintain YOUR Common Area Gardens

Homeowners have been allowed to, (with prior permission), make the fronts and in most cases the lane side rear “finger islands” more appealing by planting flowers, bushes and whatever in these areas. The only stipulation is (other than that prior permission) that once you have made a change, it becomes not only yours to maintain but also subsequent owners’ responsibility as well. We are noticing several of these gardens are not being maintained and looking a little bit like small jungles. New owners may not know that it is their responsibility to maintain these gardens or may not want to maintain them. If this is the case, please let our property manager know. Our crew may remove the “higher maintenance” plants and modify it to a reduced maintenance condition. If you are no longer capable of taking care of these areas, you will either need to hire someone to take care of it for you, or call the HOA and have it modified. Having the HOA perform this costs all Three Fountains owners for labor and materials.

Roofing Project on Hold

The hail storm we experienced on July 15th was significant. Hail stones the size of golf balls were reported by several Three Fountains owners. Although the roofs made of heavy shake cedar shingles weathered the storm with no failure, there is damage to the shingles themselves. We contacted the association’s hazard insurance carrier, American Family Insurance (AmFam) and filed a claim. AmFam sent an adjuster out that spent four days reviewing our roofs. The findings were that there wasn’t enough damage to the roofs to warrant a claim due to the deductible of 2% of the value of the buildings. At the time of this writing, the Board has met with two ‘Public Adjusters’ to get their opinion of the damage to the buildings. Public adjusters work as the insured (Three Fountains) advocate to get the insurance companies to pay for damage they initially denied. Each public adjuster firm performed a sample inspection of several buildings and have communicated that the shake roofs here sustained significant damage. The process continues. Meanwhile the roofing project scheduled to start around August 15th has been delayed until a decision is made on whether to use a public adjuster, which one to use, or not to continue with the claim. The asphalt roofs that were replaced last year, appear to not be damaged, however, more thorough testing would be required to definitively determine damage. The flat roofs that were replaced a few years ago, also appear to have no damage and similar testing may be needed.

Thank You

If you didn’t know it, there is a Nominating Committee. This committee is only active in the months leading up to the election for Board members at the Annual meeting. The committee members this year have been Marjie Cark and Betty Serotta. They have made numerous calls to residents asking if they might want to run for a Board position. This has resulted in the largest field of candidates that have stepped up to run in over 8 years and probably longer. A hearty THANK YOU is in order for these two volunteers. THANKS Margie THANKS Betty


A new directory is underway for Three Fountains homeowners. Changes in state law now require written permission from you for inclusion of your contact information in a community directory. This directory would be for Three Fountains homeowners only, not to be shared with any solicitors. Having a directory on hand in case of a minor emergency, or to notify a neighbor if need be (for example, a garage door left open) could prove valuable. If you would like to be included in the directory, please fill out and sign the form below and either bring it to Chris Fox in the maintenance office by Sept. 20 or to the Annual Homeowners’ Meeting Sept. 27. You may also scan the completed form (don’t forget the signature!) and email it to Chris: Please fill out, cut out and return to Property Manager


Please print clearly only the information you wish to be included and don’t forget to sign:

Name(s): ___________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
(home): ___________________________________
(cell): _____________________________________
E-mail: __________________________________________________________
Signature (required): ________________________________________________

I understand that my information will be published in subsequent Three Fountains directories unless I opt out in writing, and I will only be provided with a directory if I have given my permission to include my information. I also understand that if I opt out in the future, Three Fountains is not obligated to take any action to remove my information from previous directories.

Please check one:
I prefer to receive the printed version _____
I prefer to receive the directory as a PDF _____

Members of the Board

Your board members and their terms:
Abby Marsh President 2016
Jan Hiatt Vice President 2017
Jeff Rickard Treasurer 2018
Kevin Haight Secretary 2017
Kathy Mehlmann Board Member at Large 2016

Board of Managers Meetings

September 27 ………………Regular meeting………….. 4:00PM
September 27 ….…..Annual Members Meeting……….. 7:00PM
October 25 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM
November 15 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM
December 20 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM
January 24 ……………………………………………… 6:00PM