September – October 2017

Pride in Our Community

Annual Members Meeting

The Three Fountains annual members meeting will be held on September 26th at 7:00 pm in the clubhouse. All owners are encouraged to attend. This is the meeting where Board members are chosen via voting by the owners. The more that can attend and vote, the better towards “participation in the community”. If you are happy with the current Board and what they are, and have been doing, come vote. If you are not happy with what has been going on in the community, come vote. You will receive an agenda and proxy in the mail shortly for the members meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please fill out your proxy and return it to Chris in the office. Please remember that you need to appoint someone as your proxy who can then vote in your stead. If you don’t name a person as your designated proxy on the form, the proxy will only count towards achieving a quorum. Come and listen to the updated information regarding the financial condition of the Association. The committees will be providing the latest of what they have been up to as well. You can visit with others in the community that you maybe haven’t had a chance to catch up with for a while. Just attending the Members meetings is a step in the right direction to participate in the goings-on at Three Fountains.

Meet and Greet

Speaking of voting at the members meeting… After the success and appreciation of last year’s effort for owners to have a chance to meet with the candidates, there will be another “Meet and Greet” so you can meet the candidates for this year’s Board Member election. This event is scheduled for September 16th from 10am to noon in the clubhouse. There will be light refreshments available.

Inconsiderate and Illegal

There have been complaints received regarding fireworks being used on the property. The complaints have been about people setting off firecrackers in the middle of the night on lanes six & eight. If you know of anyone who might be doing this please report them to the police. If there are people coming in from other parts of the neighborhood there isn’t much anyone can do about it, right? Wrong!! The police should be called because all fireworks are illegal within the City and County of Denver. As homeowners here at Three Fountains, reporting this illegal activity may save some ones’ home from fire. Maybe even your own.

“A Letter from the President” - Jeff Rickard

This month we began to address the vent situations on our newly replaced roofs. For those of you who are not aware we had a homeowner point out that some of our repaired roofs were under vented for the attics. Be aware all our roofs did pass inspection from the city so they were within code but we wanted to be sure we were doing the best we could for our residents. We had the roofers back out and a ventilation company come and give us their opinions and bids to improve the air flow. We began work a couple of weeks ago and it requires both roofers and ventilation company to do certain things so do not have a response from homeowners yet as to the results. I will keep you posted. Also, we have empowered a parking committee to review the surveys that we sent out to homeowners and expect to get their recommendations at the August board meeting. The pool, unfortunately, was closed for 2 weeks due to an algae problem returning and we are researching a new game plan for next year. The plan basically is to put a pool chemical company that specializes in correcting such problems on an on-call basis. The board is also continuing to try and deal with our mud spots and remains a priority. Unfortunately, patience is really required since these repairs take time to grow. It has been a nice summer at Three Fountains and hope everyone is doing well. Please attend our board meetings because your input is vital to the boards focus.

Hoses, to be Disconnected

With colder weather on its’ way, our crew will be monitoring the overnight temperatures. This is to make sure they can get the hoses disconnected from all of the faucets (that they can get to) to prevent them from freezing. If you have a hose inside of a locked gate or a fully enclosed patio, our crew will NOT disconnect your hose. The crew removes the hoses when the temperatures are forecast to drop enough, and for long enough, to allow any water in the hose and more importantly the faucets themselves to freeze. Once your hose has been removed from the faucet, you may continue to use it. The only thing to do is to disconnect it from the faucet each time you use it. Replacing a hose is much simpler than replacing a faucet. Should you leave it on and it freezes, you will likely not know it has frozen until you use it again. Then it could flood your crawlspace or a wall in your home. If you are one of those who turns on the hose with a shutoff at the end of the hose, you could flood a crawlspace and those around you because most faucets freeze back inside the wall or crawlspace. You wouldn’t know it was flooding until it was reported by a neighbor or yourself and only then if you had reason to go into your crawlspace. So once the hoses have been disconnected for the winter, please disconnect them after each use. You will be saving yourself and/or others grief from flooded crawlspaces or somewhere else in your home.


You can still be included in e-mail communications and text messages for emergencies. Just e-mail your name, unit number, and cell phone number to Chris with the subject line of “all in”. Chris’ e-mail is If you are already on the e-mail and texting lists please don’t send again.

Got AOL?? Or AIM??

Do you have an AOL e-mail account or an AIM instant messenger account? If you do, you may not be getting the notifications such as newsletters and other information that is sent out via e-mail. It seems that AOL and AIM accounts (both are AOL) are monitored for spam by AOL. Suddenly, after a few years of sending e-mails to those with this type of accounts, AOL started “quarantining” the e-mails sent by Chris, our Property Manager. After holding the e-mails for a few days to a couple of weeks, Chris receives a notice from AOL that the e-mails sent were not delivered. Chris contacted AOL who indicated that the sender might be trying to do malicious things to their computers or just sending spam e-mails. AOL corrected the issue and Chris was able to send to everyone again. Then it happened again. And again. If you want to continue to receive notices from Three Fountains via e-mail, you will need to open an e-mail with another provider.,,, are all free e-mail services that you can use. There are many more free e-mail services available. Don’t give up your AOL accounts, just get a non AOL e-mail account that you can use just for Three Fountains if you choose. If you do get a new e-mail account for the things coming from Chris, please send him that new e-mail address and he will get you back on the email list. For now though, you will get everything via Unites State Postal Service.

Has Any of Your Emergency Contact Information Changed?

This is different than getting e-mails or text messages for emergencies. The form below is all about Three fountains getting in touch with you if you are not around should there be an emergency at your home. For instance, several years ago a pipe burst in a unit and the owners were nowhere to be found. By accessing the confidential file (that these forms go into), a close relative was contacted and told Three Fountains where they could find a key. Another time an individual was hospitalized for an extended period of time and neighbors were worried. Again a relative was contacted from the emergency contact list and the neighbors’ concerns were put to rest. If any of your emergency contacts have changed, please fill out the form and return to Chris in the office. If you haven’t responded to this request before, now would be a good time. This is OPTIONAL and you are NOT required to do so. It could save you from extensive damage in the event of a broken pipe or could even save your life if something were to happen to you.

Emergency Call Card Name____________________________Address___________________________ Name____________________________Address___________________________
Relative or Friend to Notify in Case of Emergency
Name____________________________Phone Number_____________________
Relative or Friend Nearby with a Key to Your Unit
Name____________________________Phone Number_____________________
Person Who Checks on You Regularly
Name____________________________Phone Number_____________________

Members of the Board

Your board members and their terms:

Jeff Rickard President 2018
Barbara Florey Vice President (interim) 2017
Kathy Mehlmann Treasurer 2019
Barbara Griswold Secretary 2019
Cassandra Rocha Member at Large (interim) 2017

Board of Managers Meetings

July 25 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
August 22 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
September 26 …Regular meeting/note time change….. 4:00PM
September 26 …….Annual Members Meeting……... 7:00PM
October 24 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM
November 28 …………Regular meeting …………… 6:00PM