May – June 2016

ROFR (Right of First Refusal) Is Gone

The Right Of First Refusal is no longer a part of the Three Fountains Declarations or Protective Covenants. This ‘rule’ has been in the governing documents since the property was developed back in 1966. The gist of the ROFR was that any homeowner who wanted to sell or rent their condominium here was required to inform the Board of Managers of the price to sell or rent, who in turn had the right to match the price within five days of the notification from the owner of the property.

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March – April 2016

Semi-Annual Meeting is March 22, 2016

Your participation is needed and greatly valued. The Semi-Annual Homeowners Members meeting is set for Tuesday March 22nd in the clubhouse. If you recall, last year’s meeting wasn’t really a meeting because there weren’t enough homeowners attending or by proxy to establish a quorum.

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